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The small hamlet of Orsaria belongs to the Municipality of Premariacco, rich in Roman history and overlooking the banks of the Natisone river, which falls within the first band of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area. On these hills, SIRCH has its largest vineyard, which descends from the hill to the river bed: Orsàrie in plan.

In the “Libro dei Conti” (“Book of Accounts”) of the renowned artist Giovanni da Udine, we find that in 1536 Salvestro d’Orsaria paid him his debts in vin, while in 1558 one of his settlers paid for the rent of the braida d’Orsaria “Il vin ala mità oltre ad un carro di vencoli”, that is, bundles of vines that he brought to Udine – biomass for energy purposes, we would say today – committing himself to planting one hundred new vines every year. In 1867, it was described as follows: “Its territory produces only wine and hay in the upper part; in the lower part, it is fertile with cereals, vines, mulberries and forages.” A few years later, we read that it is “The most productive region in Friuli, especially for fruit and vineyards, the latter, usually of white grapes, give very precious enological specialties, such as Ribolla di Cividale.” In 1888, a farmer from Orsaria presented the Uva lugliatica da tavola at an exhibition.