A charming mountain village on the edge of neighboring Slovenia, small but with its own Statute drawn up in 1318, testifying to its rural autonomy since the Middle Ages. The pastoral visit of 1666 shows that the church of Cladrecis had an annual income of 20 conzi of wine, corresponding to about 1,400 liters today. Over the centuries, it had been a fief of local and Venetian families, until it was abolished by Napoleon (1806). The SIRCH border wines – structured and with great personality – are produced in this ancient wine growing area of the Judrio valley (Prepotto). Here, the soil composition is mixed, marl and sandstone alternating with limestone, and the vineyards are surrounded by woods: an ancient presence testified to by the etymology that is said to derive from the Slovenian “hold”, i.e. the trunk of a tree.
A special microclimate from which the vision of our label springs.

Cladrecis is the toponymal for this line of SIRCH wines. An ancient hillside village in the Judrio valley, on the border with Slovenia, small but with its own Statute since 24 February 1318. Here, the borders that make its history unique and special meet: the perimeter of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC, that of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the Italian border.
Also known in the past as Canal del Judri, it is an enchanting place at 314m above sea level in the Municipality of Prepotto. It is on this land that the project to preserve and restore the ancient vineyards of brothers Pierpaolo and Luca Sirch began. A cool, aerated microclimate, with a significant thermal amplitude, pampers the sloping vineyards amidst centuries-old woods, creating panoramic views of humble and silent beauty. This is how Cladrecis wines are born, true and authentic crus with a strong territorial imprint.