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SIRCH was established in the mid-1950s on a small piece of land that already hinted at the high qualitative level of its grapes and
in 1970 became part of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC (denomination of controlled origin):
a seal that identifies the territory, the production regulations and the specific qualities of a land and a wine culture that has no equal.

SIRCH has invested in land, people and facilities and today cultivates its vineyards in three different locations in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC region: Cividale del Friuli, Orsaria and Cladrecis. From here, it exports to many European countries and even reaching the United States of America thanks to Terlato Wines, a worldwide reality in wine distribution, which has chosen our company for its Terlato Vineyards label.
SIRCH: the experience that comes from manual skills in the vineyard and in the cellar!
A solid path of growth, which owes its fortune to the wise balance between contemporary vision and loyalty to its historical and natural roots. These are the values of tradition guiding SIRCH on this delicate path


Respecting nature’s time: being aware that we inhabit and guard an earth forged over millennia;
Respect the land and the vine: reduce the use of chemicals and increase the care for the environment and the various stages of work;
Respecting people: valuing people and their technical skills, commitment and passion, essential elements for cultivating excellence.




Friuli Venezia Giulia is a land with a vocation for the most diverse expressions of wine, and it is in the SIRCH production areas that the most renowned vines are concentrated: here the hilly marly soils are exposed to the infinite combinations that arise from the encounter between the breezes of the Adriatic and the fresh winds from the East. A precious gift from Nature that the hand of man assists and enhances. In keeping with the best traditions and the most up-to-date technical expertise, our vignerons work different areas with vines of varying age and mainly adopt the “guyot” method or the classic “double inverted” technique.




Our grapes, selected and destemmed, follow the traditional and natural process of fermentation and subsequent ageing, in steel tanks or in wooden barrels depending on the wines, which are then bottled and left to refine.

SIRCH, in the wake of the best local wine-growing traditions, which since the 19th century have aimed at improving production, has been the protagonist of that “Renaissance of Wine” that half a century ago embarked on a sustainable path, respectful of Nature, combining cutting-edge technology and farming wisdom.

A far-sighted choice has transformed what in 1933, after the Cividale Exhibition, Arturo Marescalchi defined as “Wines good for ordinary meals” into wines of superior quality.