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Terlato Wines is a large distributor of excellent wines from all over the world (his logo is "Always Exceptional") in the United States. Making wines for its brand Terlato Vineyards is an immense award for our Estate. A high-quality selection that contributes not only to our reputation but to that of the whole Italy.

The nature of the liaison bonding Terlato and SIRCH may be noticed from the translation of a paragraph of the American site about the biography of their current CEO William A. Terlato.

“Always with an eye to the future, Terlato also launched a new Pinot Grigio in 2015 under the name of his family - Terlato Pinot Grigio Friuli. (...) Terlato wanted to establish a new point of excellence for excellent Pinot Grigio.
In cooperation with the famous Italian vine growers Simonit & Sirch, this trio joined forces to create a Pinot Grigio determining a new standard and becoming the highest score Pinot Grigio of all times."

Friuli Colli Orientali DOC


Grape variety
Pinot Grigio

A very important grape, grown in Burgundy and introduced in Italy in the 19th Century, it is a genetic mutation from Pinot Nero occurred in the early ‘60’s of 20th Century.
It prefers cool climates – therefore finding in Friuli on the northernmost hills of Oriental Hills its ideal habitat.
This is for sure the most renowned Friulian wine in the world, with a long-lasting success history.

Organoleptic description
Bright yellow with subtle pinkish hues.
Elegant, overwhelming and complex on the nose. The floral notes of jasmine and white wisteria fuse with ripe fruit sensation with apricots, melon and white peaches, completed by balsamic hints.
The taste is complex and harmonious, fresh and all-embracing. The palate echoes the nose with enriched aromatic sensations for a classy, crisp taste of great length. The aftertaste reflects citrus and white fruits.

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Friuli Colli Orientali DOC


Grape variety
Tocai Friulano

Known as Tocai Friulano until 2007 then renamed only Friulano, it is the most loved traditional wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
It derives from Sauvignonasse, today almost extinct, this vine arrived in Friuli around mid 19th Century from the Bordeaux area.
It shows a great character, a harmonious fruity and mineral complexity and a characteristic final taste of bitter almonds.

Organoleptic description
Straw yellow with light greenish hues.
Delicate scent, intense and captivating. Aromas of citrus fruits melt together with apricot and pears along with floral notes of jasmine, antique roses and chamomile.
All-embracing and complex taste. Notes of ripe Golden apple, dried fruits and vanilla are blended with balsamic scents of sage and thyme. The finish aftertaste presents the typical tannic almond and citrus finish.

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The typical SIRCH

Fresh and varietal wines that interpret the tradition and represent the best winemaking expression of our region in a modern way.

Ribolle by SIRCH

Originated from the luxuriant hills of which it captures the floral notes, the Ribolla Gialla, moderately alcoholic, turns out a delightful sip.

Cladrecis by SIRCH

Originated from a restoration of an ancient vineyard area in a place which is a melting pot of unique natural elements. One of the highest wine expressions of our Oriental Hills.

Schioppettino di Prepotto

Schioppettino has its cradle in the Prepotto area, where climate, soil and local culture have created a true terroir.

Terlato Wines

Their origin sends back to the hills close to Carnia PreAlps. Bearing freshness and a sapid full taste to reach far lengths.

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